Thursday, October 30, 2008

Well, which one is it?

Posting double release dates for 2008-09 NHL Upper Deck Series I does the card company no good. Will it be Nov. 11, as UD says in its Hockey page, or was it Monday (Oct. 27), as the product page says?

It wouldn't be so remarkable if this confusion was a rare occurence. Sadly, it's fairly common. And, then, there's no guarantee it'll be on store shelves by Nov. 11.

I also stumbled upon these upcoming releases. I apologize for the retail site, but sometimes they're the best source of information.

~ Feb. 4, 2009: Upper Deck 2008 09 NHL Series II

~ Feb. 25, 2009: Upper Deck 2008-09 Collectors Choice NHL

~ March 11, 2009: Upper Deck 2008-09 NHL Ice

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