Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday night homily XIX

On our way over to watch the Sabres-Lighting game this past Wednesday, Colin told me he hoped to get a puck during warm-ups. Instead of wanting the keepsake for himself, though, he said he wanted to give it to his great-great Aunt Pat.

It's become somewhat of a tradition to take Aunt Pat to a Sabres-Lightning game as she spends her winters away from Western New York down here in Hockey Bay.

Colin, I suppose, just wanted to make this year's excursion extra special.

Lo and behold, Buffalo's Toni Lydman helped Colin make his wish come true. Near the end of warm-ups, with Colin leaning against the boards, Lydman scoops up a puck, taps the glass and tosses it over. Colin had his puck.

After warm-ups, we found our seats, where Aunt Pat and Momma were waiting. Colin showed her the puck. This is for you, he told her.

Pretty nice gesture, don't you think? Aunt Pat sure did.

Classy Canadiens

Nice touch by the Montreal Canadiens to feature living Habs legends during breaks in tonight's 57th NHL All Star Game at the Bell Centre in Montreal.

So far, I've paid attention long enough to have seen Henri "The Pocket Rocket" Richard, Serge "The Senator" Savard and Yvon "The Road Runner" Cournoyer introduced to the crowd.

Many a chill ran down the spines of not just the Canadiens faithful, but old-school hockey fans as well, with every introduction spotlight.

5 Big Sigs

Even with Super Bowl XLIII in town, I'm hoping to get in a couple hockey hounding sessions this week when the Montreal Canadiens and Philadelphia Flyers make their second trips if the season to Hockey Bay. Here's who we're looking to add:

~ Montreal's Alex Kovalev and Robert Lang on the Canadiens team helmet;
~ Montreal's Carey Price on a THN Future Watch 08 cover;
~ Tampa Bay's Steve Downie on Lightning and Flyers pucks;
~ Philadelphia's Mike Richards on a 2005-06 UD Rookie Class set card; and
~ Philadelphia's Matt Carle on a 2006-07 Fleer Hot Prospects Hot Materials teal swatch jersey card.

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Kevin said...

FYI...I've heard from some other hounds that Downie is not signing Flyers stuff for "the way they treated him". But give it a shot....good luck.