Sunday, January 4, 2009

Win this auto: Denis Potvin

Of all the duplicate autos that I've picked up, this official Team Canada puck -- signed by Hall of Fame defenseman Denis Potvin -- represents two instances of historical significance for Hound Central 4.0's Win this Autograph exercise.

First and foremost, the puck is, by far (at least in my book), the biggest name to be offered. Potvin, captain of the four-straight Stanley Cup champion New York Islanders dynasty, could skate, score and hit.

Hence, the ticket to Toronto.

It's also fairly recent, obtained Dec. 27 when the Florida Panthers played Tampa Bay. Potvin, a three-time Norris Trophy and 1973-74 Calder winner, now provides commentary during Panthers TV broadcasts.

As always, my loss is your gain. Tell Hound Central 4.0, in 100 words or less, what you would do with your day with the Stanley Cup. Please, no debauchery. We have some young readers.

If you want to win, you have to participate. Answers must be left in a comment. I'll notify the winner in early February.

Have fun.

Addendum (Feb. 5, 2009): Two other entries were left on this post.


Anonymous said...

I would invite every long suffering Sabres fan I have ever known to my house. A photographer would be hired to take pictures of everyone with
the cup. Classic Sabres games would be playing on my big screen all day with the volume turned down while a cd of "Rick
Jennerets Greatest Hits" would play over and over. We would eat Sabrett Hot Dogs, Anchor Bar wings and drink ice cold bottles of Labatt Blue.
Finally to cap it off we would play street hockey with the winners (and losers) hoisting the cup in victory.

rheighton said...

As a fanatic of the most ridiculed and storied franchise of all-time (Toronto Maple Leafs), I could only hope that I was playing for my heart and soul. That being said, I would take the cup to Toronto (I only live about 1.5 hrs away) for a good portion of the day, to share it with the loyal fans who have put up with so much. Then, being a sucker for the media, I would take the cup on a well-documented road trip up the 401 to my hometown of Peterborough and would invite all of my Cup-winning teammates to have a big shinny-fest on the canal with all of the young Leafs fans joining us, with the Holy Grail overlooking hockey being played in its purist form!!!

Rob's TTM Graphs said...

If I won the Stanley Cup the day that I would have it I would first look at all of the amazing names on the cup. Next I would take it to my kids school and take pictures and sign autographs for the kids there. I think it would just make their day and all of the students day. Next I throw a big party and let people drink out of the cup. Thats what I would do and of course I would have won the Cup as a member of the Detroit Red Wings.

Kevin (93leafs) said...

The day would start w/ a round of golf w/ Dad (& Stanley)..the first guy who ever took me to a game. Then a trip w/ my son to the Children's Hospital to show it the kids in the Cancer Unit. Then a quick lunch on the Red Mile in Calgary to show them what we missed out on in 2004..;) The night would end with all the boys from the rec league playing for the 'Holy Grail'. Losers buy the 'pops' to fill it. I'm sure it would be a late night. I might need a second day to take it to my brother's

sarajlim said...

First, I would take the Cup to my hometown of Amarillo and have a free photo session for the public and sign autographs. Next, I would go to the YMCA and play hockey with the kids. After a great game, I'll treat them all to a lunch with me and Stanley at Buffalo Wild Wings. At BWW, we would eat our wings out of Stanley. Of course, a photographer has been following me around everywhere. Finally, I would take the kids to Amarillo's rink; we would all suit up in my jersey and play against the Amarillo Gorillas.

southweststalker said...

If I won the stanley cup I would take it to the Capitals training facility where the local special hockey teams play(The cool cats and the ice dogs, mostly autistic) and have the kids play a "championship game" and let them celebrate winning the cup. After that I would just have a big party at the house where we would drink from the cup.

rhinomark50 said...

I'll be honest, I'd put it in front of my TV, and stare at it til about 4 in the afternoon. Then I'd take it to my church where we'd have a floor hockey tournament with all proceeds going towards whatever missions trip the youth of the church are going on next, and I'll match it. And of course, the winner of the tournament gets to walk around the gym hoisting the cup, with the help of a couple of my NHL friends.

Devilsfan71 said...

If I had the Stanley Cup for a day, I would take it to Long Island. I would place it in front of the Management and players of the New York Islanders. I would remind them at one time, Lord Stanley's address was Uniondale, NY. I would have the players hold the cup. Then I would ask them to imagine holding it the way Bossy, Smith, Trots, Nystrom, Gilies and Arbour did in front of thousands of screaming fans. And if they liked it that much, work hard so that Lord Stanley can once again come home.

nyi44 said...

Having the Stanley Cup for a day would be quite a thrill. I think i would start the day off eating cheerios and milk straight from the cup. (Hey, dogs have eaten out of the can I!) Next, I would bring the cup to my classroom for the day. I'm sure my fifth graders would enjoy seeing it in person, and i could definitely turn the experience into a history lesson regarding the cup's past and origins.After school, I would drive home as slow as i ever have; the cup strapped into my passenger seat. I'm sure people would stare, and i would just respond "yeah, its the Stanley Cup." To finish off the day, i would enjoy a beverage or two from the cup and tuck it into bed right next to me. I'm sure my girlfriend wouldn't mind too much .....right?