Monday, March 16, 2009

Update: Hounding in Georgia

Though he may be loathe to admit it, Moody, Hound Central 4.0's roving Southeast correspondent, likely lamented his move to the Greater Atlanta area from the comfort of his home near Hockey Bay.

Not only would it mean an uprooting of his family -- a far more serious consideration than anything else -- but it presented a new set of hounding challenges.

With this update, though, Hound Central 4.0 is pleased to report that Moody has got back into his groove, as these items, collected during a recent hounding adventure to the team's practice facility in Duluth, Ga., serve as undeniable proof.

Here, we have pucks signed by tough guy Eric Boulton, top, on an ECHL playoff puck, and left winger Slava Kozlov, who signed a Red Wings 1998 Stanley Cup champions puck.

On a side note, Moody reports that Atlanta's novice collectors are among the more intelligent ones in the area, with the veterans, so to speak, offering only unreliable information. Again, this shows that digging your own intel is the best way to go.

Still, after adding more than 30 autographs ("Thou Sharpie runneth over," was how Moody put it), there's little to complain about.

Those signing cards, top photo, were:

Top row: Chris Thorburn, Rich Peverley and Ron Hainsey, one of the Thrashers' most-engaging signers; and
Bottom row: Zach Bogosian, Garnet Exelby and Tobias "One-per" Enstrom

Thanks, Dallas

Moody, a lover of all things free, was delighted when Atlanta's Johan Hedberg signed this fan pack card from the goalie's days deep in the heart of Texas.

Many multiples

It doesn't matter where you hound, it's always a pleasant outing when players and/or coaches are willing to sign more than a single card:

Center Bryan Little, one of the Thrashers' rising stars, had no trouble signing these six cards;

Goalie Kari Lehtonen, a proverbial signing machine, asked Moody whether he had anything else after signing these six cards for him;

Randy Cunneyworth, an assistant coach with Atlanta, signed these Buffalo and Hartford cards; and

Center Jim Slater was good for these four cards.

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