Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Look at what we found

In Florida, you never know when you'll encounter some exotic form of wildlife. Roseate spoonbills. Armadillos. Iguanas falling out of palm trees on wicked cold days. Yesterday, during a scouting trip for bait fish, we stumbled upon a true Florida icon -- a family of manatees.

With Colin home for his spring break and the Lightning bound for Boston to play the Bruins, we checked out some spots along a nearby seawall where we might catch bait with a cast net.

Instead, we found these wonderful creatures. Cool, huh?

I just wanted to share a little slice of Florida. Hope you don't mind.

One of the manatees, the most inquisitive of the bunch, raises its snout for a breath of fresh air.

Here's three of them. Notice the gashes, most likely from a boat propeller, on the back of the big manatee on the left.

That's us, the shadows in the bottom left corner.

Look at the school (the little gray specks) of baby baities, as we like to call 'em, swimming over the manatees. At that size, they're way too small to be useful.

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Anonymous said...

This makes me homesick.
Can't wait to come home next week.