Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hockey Quiz No. 8

I know how much people like these hockey quizzes. It's one of the more popular search terms that steers readers to Hound Central 4.0. That's why I have so much fun putting them together.

Know what else is fun? Announcing that Steve G was the only one of three people to successfully navigate the monthly maze of hockey head-scratchers. Good job, Steve.

As promised, the logo was the tricky question. It showed the Oakland Seals, not the California Seals. The full blue circle was the clue.

Let's see how everyone does with this one. Good luck.

Name this logo

Kinda creepy isn't it? Kinda easy, too?

Still, you'll have to know your current hockey events, so to speak, to know this one. But, that eye, it is pretty creepy.

Hockey Word Association

Trade day winner =
Olli Jokinen =
April tee times =
Trade day loser =
Manny Legace =

Hockey, Scrambled

Leky Rancelm =
Stanrim Smasruk =
Yand Zowikswine =
Hewtmat Domibarl =
Asjem Skiwinewsi=

Hockey math

The Metropolis MoneyBags had to dump salary at the trade deadline by trading these three players -- Jimmy Stonehands, earning $2.175 million; Billy Fivehole, earning $3.75 million; and Frankie Fumblepuck, earning $1.375 million. In return, the MoneyBags got one player -- Peaux Tential, earning $875,000, and two draft picks.

How much money did the MoneyBags save with their trades?

A.) $6.423 million
B.) $6.424 million
C.) $6.426 million
D.) $6.425 million

Answers to Hockey Quiz No. 7:

Name this logo: Oakland Seals
Hockey, Scrambled: Tobias Enstrom, Tomas Fleischmann, Brendan Shanahan, Adam Burish and Blake Wheeler
Hockey math: B. Rusty Slowstride will earn $1,314,634.23 over his abbreviated 49-game season. Math: $2,200,000 divided by 82 games = $26,829.27 times 49 games.


Drew said...

Logo: Lake Erie Monsters

Word Association
Trade Day winner: Flames by far
Olli Jokinen: overrated
April tee times: Islanders can schedule them for the rest of March too.
Trade day loser: Montreal for doing nothing
Manny Legace: I expected him to be a Capital

Kyle McLaren
Martins Karsums
Andy Wozniewski
Matthew Lombardi
James Wisniewski

Math: D

bamlinden said...

Alright, I have some time so here goes:

Lake Erie Monsters
(great logo)

Word Association:
Trade Day Winner = Calgary (short term), Phoenix (long term)

Olli Jokinen = welcome to the playoffs....let's see what you can do

April Tee Times = ALREADY??! I can't wait to go golfing (ha ha)
Actually, there are a lot of teams that will have to wait until the final week to book 'em.

Trade Day Loser = Montreal (didn't do enough)

Manny Legace = he's better than Gerber, Tellqvist and a lot of other goalies currently playing. It's too bad he may never be a starter again.

Hockey Scrambled:
(trying not to cheat)
Kyle McLaren
AARGH! I had to look – knew it was a trade – Martins Karsums
Andy Wozniewski
Matthew Lombardi
James Wisniewski
(thanks for the spelling lesson)

Hockey Math:
D) $6.425 M