Friday, February 6, 2009

Hockey Quiz No. 7

A tip of Hound Central 4.0's roughed-up Cooper SK600 goes out to reader Steve G. for providing correct answers to all of the questions in Hockey Quiz No. 6.

As expected, the Finland or Suomi Finland logo proved a bit too easy, but it was the spelling of a few names within Hockey, Scrambled that tripped up earlier respondents. I'll make no apologies for placing an emphasis on accuracy.

And, like last month, I'll wait until month's end to post readers' entries.

Having said that, let's see how readers do with this quiz:

Name this logo

This, too, is probably recognizable to many old-school hockey fans. Just don't leap to conclusions, though. The image shows a very important clue and I'm a stickler for accuracy.

Hockey Word Association

Vincent Lecavalier =
Trade deadline =
Alexander Ovechkin =
NHL officiating =
Jonathan Toews =

Hockey, Scrambled

Stobia Mornest=
Masto Chenslinfam =
Drabenn Hansnaha =
Amda Rubish=
Kleba Lewhere =

Hockey math

With 49 games left in the season, Rusty Slowstride signed a prorated $2.2 million contract with the Green Bay Geezers. How much will Slowstride earn over his abbreviated season?

A.) $1,314,979.32
B.) $1,314,634.23
C.) $1,314,286.49
D.) $1,314,581.37

Answers to Hockey Quiz No. 6:

Name that logo: Finland or Suomi Finland
Hockey, Scrambled: Nikolai Antropov, Richard Park, Scottie Upshall, Fabian Brunnstrom and Daniel Paille
Hockey math: C. Michel Muchtoojung had earned $614,000 in bonuses through the All Star break. Math: 8 x $7,500 (for every goal) = $60,000 + 12 x $4,500 (for every assist) = $54,000 + $500,000 (lump-sum bonus for participating in an All Star Game event) = $614,000.


steve g said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

From Steve G, through Puckhound (who inadvertently published answers twice)

Logo: Oakland Seals

Vincent Lecavalier = Four
Trade deadline = overrated
Alexander Ovechkin = Tough Sign
NHL officiating = crap
Jonathan Toews = Young

Stobia Mornest= Tobias Enstrom
Masto Chenslinfam = Tomas Fleischmann
Drabenn Hansnaha = Brendan Shanahan
Amda Rubish= Adam Burish
Kleba Lewhere = Blake Wheeler

Math: B

Anonymous said...

What did I get wrong? Guess I need to go over my answers better....oh well, theres next month...thanks for the quiz

Puckhound said...

Spelling of the names in Hockey, Scrambled. Picky, I know, but someone else got them all right.

Drew said...

Logo: California Seals

Vincent Lecavalier: Moving
Trade deadline: Fun!
AO: Best in the game today
NHL officiating: Inconsistent
Jonathan Toews: My wife's favorite

Tobias Enstrom
Tomas Fleischmann
Brendan Shanahan
Adam Burish
Blake Wheeler

Math: B (though I came up with 15 cents, rather than 23)

bamlinden said...

Thanks for the reminder. I try to get to these, but it seems that I procrastinate until it gets bumped from the first page.

Here goes!!!

Name This Logo
California Seals
1967-68 (and a beauty at that)

Word Association
Vincent Lecavalier - best player over the past decade

Trade Deadline - let's get it over with!!!

Alexander Ovechkin - best player in the league today (and he's got an attitude to match)

NHL Officiating - a thankless job

Jonathan Toews - future Stanley Cup winner

Hockey Scrambled
Tobias Norstrom
Tomas Fleischmann
Brendan Shanahan
Adam Burish
Blake Wheeler

Hockey Math
B. $1,314,634.23


Thanks for this.


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