Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Denial of responses

Even if it is a tad presumptuous of myself to entertain the thought that Hound Central 4.0 readers -- even for a fleeting moment -- would be interested, these responses to a friend's e-mail is what I do when I'm on vacation and don't want to rake oak leaves:

Threes About Me

Three names I have been called:
1. Ronnie
2. You *@#$%* *@#$%@#$%*!!!
3. Sardo

Three jobs I have had in my life:
1. Father
2. Husband
3. Journalist

Three places I have lived:
1. St. Petersburg, Fla.
2. Bangor, Maine
3. Machias, N.Y.

Three TV shows that I watch:
1. NHL Network's On the Fly
2. BayNews 9
3. Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

Three places I have been:
1. The Dark Side of the Moon
2. The middle of a two-Pulitzer-Prize-winning newsroom
3. Wiggly Bridge, Barrells Mill Pond, York Harbor, Maine

People who e-mail me regularly:
1. Kathy
2. My way-older-then-me cousin Debbie
3. Moody

Three of my favorite foods:
1. Anything made by my wife
2. A slice of Buffalo chicken pizza from Fortunato's in downtown St. Pete
3. A Cuban sandwich from D&D Delights or Brocato's in Tampa

Three people I believe will respond:
1. My way-older-than-me cousin Debbie (see response #2 to top question)
2. Moody
3. Kris

Three things I am looking forward to:
1. Watching Colin grow up
2. Self-employment
3. Catching a grouper

Now, if you so choose, feel free to share in the fun by leaving your responses in a comment.

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