Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A very good deed, indeed

There are times in the course of a hounding career where success is not measured in how many autographs you get in a single outing. Sometimes, it's what you do with them.

Moody, Hound Central 4.0's roving Southeast correspondent, shares a story from his last hounding trip for the Thrashers, to the team's practice facility in Duluth:

"I got Ilya Kovalchuk (to sign a card) inside, but decided to give it up after he drove past a nice little lady who was outside waiting for him to sign. She was telling me how she was there for her husband who was terminally ill and, obviously, lost his job. She was just trying to make her husband happy by gathering his favorite team's signatures on a piece of loose leaf paper.

"I decided to donate the cards I had left and help her get them signed to make the outing more meaningful for her and her family. Since Kovie didn’t stop, I felt it was only right to help.

"I must say that this outing was -- by far -- the best outing of the year because I felt like I walked away with something more than a signed piece of rubber or cardboard.

"It truly humbles a person when you stop and listen to another person’s life and how something as little as a signed card from an athlete could make their time on earth more enjoyable.

"How hounds like myself take for granted how these encounters with athletes become routine and just another part of the day. That we do not think twice about dropping a couple of bucks for a Sharpie or pack of cards and not have to worry about whether or not we will miss a meal. "

Well said, Moody, well said.

Beyond the good deed and great story, Moody also went home with cards signed by Zach Bogosian, Eric Boulton, Tobias Enstrom, Johan Hedberg, Slava Kozlov, Rich Peverley and Boris Valabik.

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zacwolf54 said...

Wow what a great story!!! That shows true class and compassion from Mr. Moody. God Bless that womans husbad.