Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday morning homily VII

I don't know whether to howl in laughter or shrink in embarrassment, but I've got to hand it to San Jose's Jeremy Roenick. It seems that a certain young hockey hound under the age of 8 forgot to say two magic words after Roenick signed four cards for him Saturday before the Sharks shut out the Lightning, 2-0.

"Hey, where did that kid go?" Roenick asked.

"Colin," we shouted. "J.R. would like to have a word with you."

Colin ran back up in front of Roenick.

"What do you say when someone signs an autograph for you?" he asked.

"Thank you," Colin replied.

"Well," Roenick said.

"Thank you, J.R.," Colin said.

"Now, that's better," Roenick said, smiling.

Trust me, folks, we've told him a thousand times to say "please" and "thank you" whenever anyone, not just NHL players, extends him a courtesy. Hopefully, Roenick drove home the point -- again.

She's a hockey mom

Sarah Palin, the ceremonial-puck-dropping hockey mom running as the Republican vice presidential nominee, may fancy herself -- for real or as a way to connect with mainstream America -- as someone who's sat in many a chilly hockey rink.

While that may be true, though, Palin, in Tampa today, pales in comparison to the hockey mom who I had the pleasure of meeting yesterday. Former Lightning defenseman Dan Boyle was back in Humidity Bay on Saturday, his first place in Humidity Bay since being dealt to San Jose. So, too, were his parents. But it was his mother, who gushed with pride as she spoke about her son, who gladly lived up to the billing.

Like any mom, she was quick to defend her son, saying that he has no ill will toward the Tampa Bay area, the team's fans and any Lightning player. In fact, she said, Boyle will retire here once he hangs 'em up.

It was easy to tell ("I'm getting goosebumps just talking about," she said) that she knew her son has many fans here in Humidity Bay, many of whom who gave him an ovation during the game.

As a rookie hockey parents, we can only hope that someday we'll be in the same position, talking with fans and enjoying a well-deserved spotlight. Until then, though, meeting Momma Boyle will tide us over.

5 Big Sigs

With only the Ottawa Senators coming to town this week, and plans to work a team helmet, I'm having a hard time coming up with five different items to get signed. Indulge me, then, as I hope to add these to the collection:

~ Jason Spezza on the Senators team helmet;
~ Dany Heatley on the Senators team helmet;
~ Daniel Alfredsson on the Senators team helmet;
~ Alexandre Picard on the Senators helmet as well as Ottawa, Tampa Bay and Philadelphia Phantom pucks; and
~ Spezza and Heatley on the Team Canada jersey


Anonymous said...

i would bet money Patrice wouldn't have done that!!! Personally, I think it is uncalled for, but then again, I am not as close to the players as you are....I would think that he would view an 8 year old getting an autograph, even one who is a "grizzled veteran' like your son, as pretty excited and would have chalked it up as that....I guess I just have a problem with someone else "teaching" my kid a lesson, but then again, that's me.

Puckhound said...

J.R. is a prolific signer, making sure that everyone has everything signed before hanging around another five minutes for stragglers.

Because of that, he's earned respect. Besides, saying "thank you" should be an automatic; it's common courtesy.

You're right, though. I doubt Patrice would've done that. Then again, I'm hoping Colin wouldn't need to be reminded. Even by me.

bamlinden said...

I love the fact that JR did that. Of course, I am imagining Roenick over-dramatizing it a bit to add a bit of humour.

I don't get the sense that he would have done it to embarrass Colin or make an example of him. He seems like a very outgoing guy who speaks his mind.


Puckhound said...

Yeah, if I even suspected J.R. of being a jerk about it (though he has earned that right), I would have said something to him.

I've only met him twice, and he's been very personable both times.

Anonymous said...

Nuff said I guess...just wanted to offer my view...thanks for allowing me that opportunity!!!