Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hockey Quiz No. 3

I've got to hand it to my fellow Florida hounding buddy Moody, he knew nearly all of the answers to Hockey Quiz No. 2. I'm a bit concerned, though, that he was the only person to take part. I mean, this isn't work. It's supposed to be fun.

I've had several people tell me they look forward to these Hockey Quiz postings, but the participation is minimal, at best. And with the full hounding season only a few days away, I'm going to put my time into projects that garner more interest.

All I ask for, folks, is a few minutes of your time. Participating in projects lets me know that my efforts are not all for naught. I don't want to waste your time, and I sure as heck won't waste mine.

Having said that, let's see how many people can provide the correct answers, posted within a comment, to these hockey brainteasers:

Name this logo

While last month's Name this Logo contest carried the hint that the selection was drawn from a professional league in North America, all I'll say is a worldwide search would prove pretty darn useful for this one.

Hockey Word Association:

Def Leppard =
Bobby Ryan =
Gary Bettman =
Joe Thornton =
Stanley Cup champion =

Hockey, scrambled

Catpire Regnorbe =
Tarksifne Lekrabe =
Godu Ghitwe =
Trenb Nrubs =
Uthmaie Cherdines =

Hockey math

Wally Wristshot scored 37 goals while taking 405 shots, and logged 88 points in 78 games played. What is Wally's shooting percentage and points-per-game average?

A.) 9.2 shooting percentage, 1.15 points per game
B.) 8.9 shooting percentage, 1.07 points per game
C.) 9.1 shooting percentage, 1.13 points per game
D.) 8.5 shooting percentage, 0.98 points per game

Answers to Hockey Quiz No. 2:

Name that logo: Bakersfield (Calif.) Condors of the East Coast Hockey League
Hockey, scrambled: Ilya Bryzgalov, Brian Rolston, Scott Niedermayer, Shawn Horcoff and Pavel Kubina
Hockey math: A. Billy Blocker had a 2.81 GAA and a .913 SP


bamlinden said...

My bad for missing the last one. Here goes:

KHL - HC Spartak Moscow

Word Association:
Def Leppard = soccer would suit them better
Bobby Ryan = if he is traded, could be a breakout year
Gary Bettman = under the radar
Joe Thornton = great the regular season
Stanley Cup champion = if they can stay healthy...Philadelphia

Patrice Bergeron
Frantisek Kaberle
Doug Weight
Brent Burns
Mathieu Schneider

Hockey Math:
C - 9.1 shooting percentage, 1.13 points per game

Thanks again for the fun.

Anonymous said...

Logo: H C Spartak Moscow

Word Assoc:
Jacques Martin
Baby Duck
Belongs in Beantown
Buffalo (of course)


patrice bergeron
Frantisek Kaberle
Doug Weight
Brent Burns
Mathieu Schnieder


How did I do?

later Ronnie!!!

Puckhound said...


Hey, man, good to see you. Drop me an e-mail.


Very good. I'm impressed.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, not Chris