Thursday, October 30, 2008

Last chance

Just a quick reminder there's only two days left to enter October's Win this Autograph contest for this card signed by Boston goalie Tim Thomas.

So far, three people have entered. To me, that means the field is wide open. I even mail it to you.

In a comment, just share your favorite Bruins story. It's that easy.

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Anonymous said...

All Right, All Right I only have 1 Bruin related story and I don't even know if it counts. Back in the day when the lightning practiced in Laked and they were an even worse team than they are so far this season. Anyways, There was this old guy that would come in and out of the player entrance and would always ask people if the would like his autograph. No body ever knew who he was so they just blew him off as a loon. I caught him one day but was unprepared and instead of taking in practice ran down to the toystore and bought 2 of the 12' starting line ups figures that were the cool thing to have at the time. As the day was ending he came out and asked the same thing he always did and this time I got Mr. Bobby Orr to scribble out a nice sig on the 2 figurines.

Like I said I don't know if it counts but it did include a Bruin if not the greatest Bruin. But someone had to give Mr. puckhound a story because he was practically begging and I just can't let him do that.

How bout a little more help from the peanut gallery?

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