Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Big difference

Chances are, Pittsburgh defenseman Philippe Boucher isn't at the top of too many hounds' wish lists. In a sense, that's a shame. The guy has had a decent career.

What makes him noteworthy, though, is his demeanor with hounds. Though he's not the most talkative of players, he seems to realize the appreciation of a good signature. He's also willing to sign multiples.

Unlike most players, who usually sign on the darkest part of the image, Boucher, a former No. 1 pick (13th overall in 1991) of the Buffalo Sabres, signed this card, one of three before Tuesday's morning skate, in a spot where his autograph is visible.

It may not seem like much, really. It's just that it doesn't happen all that often. That's what makes this noteworthy.

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