Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gearing up

It's amazing how a random assemblage of equipment, picked up over impromptu visits to select Play It Again Sports locations throughout Hockey Bay, can create a great day of spring break vacation for a young street hockey goalie in training.

He's had the pads for some time, presents from Santa a few Christmases ago. The stick's seen a ton of use, too. The pants, the first pair from his fledgling ice hockey career, are getting renewed and much-appreciated life.

The jersey? It's a Danny Gare replica, depicting his days with the Red Wings, plucked from eBay a few years ago for $5 plus shipping.

The chest and arm pads were the first find, joining the equipment bag about three weeks ago. Yesterday, on our way back from a train museum in Dade City, we hit the mother lode -- adding a street hockey goalie mask (A Red wings model, as fate might have it) and glove set.

Combined, they're perfect for our practices out back on the patio.

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