Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday morning homily XX

For all of the right reasons, a short post about some hounding foolishness up in bitter-cold Chicago struck a chord with a Hound Central 4.0 reader from Canada.

It seems Mark has heard complaints about kids getting stuff signed for their dads. Because I've been accused of that, mainly by one particular person in New England, the subject matter hit close to home.

His point was that those complaining can sometimes forget that whatever images the kid is exposed to can create lasting memories. That's why Mark tries to help kids, say, under the age of 12, get up front whenever a player stops to sign.

"You know at the end of the day," Mark surmises, "they will be the ones talking about their experiences for many years to friends and family and drawing them in to this great sport as fans."

Mark's right. Kids, no matter their daddy's motivation, should go first. Always. Players come over because of them and, really, that's what it's all about.

Having said that, though, what about the autograph dealer/dads who have their kids/wives/girlfriends make two, sometimes three, trips per player, or hire other kids for hounding? Do they get to cut into line every trip? Thankfully, the ones down here are pretty well behaved, waiting for their seconds (or thirds) until everyone else gets their autographs.

Then, there's hounds/dads like me, who know full well that his kid/wife/girlfriend often helps draw players. Is that crossing a line? I don't think so, but it's hard for me to be objective. Besides, I can't remember the last time one of us pitched a fit over not going first, though I met a grandfather a few seasons ago who now likely regrets slipping his Sidney Crosby jersey in front of Colin's.

Our difference, I hope, is that we're building a collection, not adding to the gross national product or the sports memorabilia market. Sure, we might each approach a player, but we make just one trip. Colin, for the most part, collects on a team sheet, stick or the jersey he's wearing -- all items he'll have for life.

It's like I always say, and Mark's reasoning reinforces my point: Hounding and hockey are bonds I'm building with Colin. It's okay, too, if other daddies, no matter their motivation, follow suit.

My Super Bowl XLIII memory

Every person attending Super Bowl XLIII festivities here in Tampa Bay will likely go home with a favorite moment. Mine involved legendary announcer and former NFL kicker Pat Summerall.

Being the only person who recognized him as he ambled toward his hotel Friday, I thanked Mr. Summerall for providing voiceover work -- free of charge -- for the St. Petersburg Times' popular multimedia series on the 50 best moments in Super Bowl history.

And, yes, I also thanked him for signing this Super Bowl XLIII mini helmet.

For the record, I have to go with my head, rather than my heart, in picking the Pittsburgh Steelers to beat the underdog Arizona Cardinals, 27-23, to win Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa. Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger will be the game's MVP.

5 Big Sigs

I'm going to have to wait until Saturday afternoon, just before the New York Islanders play the Lightning, before trying to add these to the collection:

~ Captain Bill Guerin on an Edmonton Oilers puck and the USA team jersey;
~ Center Doug Weight to redo a couple pucks and sign the USA team jersey;
~ Center Richard Park on the USA team jersey;
~ Wingers Blake Comeau, Trent Hunter, Richard Park and Jeff Tambellini on three cards; and
~ Rookie center Josh Bailey on an Islanders puck.

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kc said...

Up in Canada, we don't have near what a team based market will have. As stated in my blog, we have oldtimers and the local guys who come around after the season. That makes my year, love it...But here's the question, I am a collector as well, never sell any of my stuff. I find some look at me like a dealer, which I am not. I am just a 36 year old kid with a bank account. I make good money, I don't need to sell $100 jerseys on ebay. Buy how do I send that message to the players I am hounding? I will admit, I do use my wife for most autos, she tilts her head, says "Please" and yah it works. Now, I do believe in autograph Karma, I really do. I only ask for one and my wife one, never any more. I had the chance for a second IP signed Jack Nicklaus and John Daly 8x10, the caddie asked my wife and I if we wanted him to go and get the guys to sign them. We said no and he asked the guy next to us, and got something signed. I had no issue with that, made his day. I swear on my whole collection, the very next day we went golfing at Silvertip in Canmore, Alberta Can, got out of our car and PGA Tour player Stephen Ames was getting out of the car next to us. It was 7:00 am, we were the only 2 cars in the lot! At our Robyn Regehr thing this spring, again we only asked for 1 each, thinking the Mike Weir thing the following week would be easy. And it was. So what about us 'big kids' who just love the hobby of collecting? I don't have kids yet but am looking forward to what you are talking about. Glenn Anderson didn't want to sign my Oiler jersey, I ended up getting someone else, the he would. How do we stop being 'labeled'? I am as frustrated as you are about this topic....Sorry for the length...