Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Taking questions

It's about 9:30 p.m. down here in Hockey Bay. Let's try another round of impromptu live blogging for the next hour or so.

Feel free to ask any hounding or hockey question, using the comments on this posting or send an e-mail.

Update (10:45 p.m.): I'd like to thank rhinomark and kc for stopping by. Excellent questions all around. The word association was a great idea. We'll do this again some other time.

As always, folks, thanks for stopping by.


rhinomark50 said...

What was your favourite hounding experience and why?

Puckhound said...

It would have to be last season, when Joe Sakic signed four pucks and a jersey for me. I figured to be lucky to get one, let alone five. I remain floored by that -- even today.

He's one of my favorite players. It was a true pleasure to meet him. I felt like a kid.

rhinomark50 said...

Back again, since I seem to be the only one around, going supply shopping in the morning, what type of sharpie, etc. do you suggest?

kc said...

Best and worst signer, current and retired?
Mine: Best-Jarret Stoll
Worst-Rob Schremp
Oldtimers Best-Trottier
Worst-Glenn Anderson

Puckhound said...

Hey, thanks for stopping back and asking another qiestion. I waas watching the Habs-Caps shootout. Price got burned twice.

I find that a 12-pack of blue and a four-pack of black last at least a season. I have found the silver Sharpies to be reliable, so I tend to stay away.

Like everyone else, watch for sales at craft stores like Michael's for paint pens. I've found them for $2-$2.50, but just a couple last week for $3.50 each.

Building a card book? Look for spiral-wired index card books and photo corners of your choosing. Use worn out top loaders as shims to avoid damage to the card's corners.

If you erase cards, look for white artist's erasers. The rubber is softer, but works real well. It's easier to see when cleaning up, too.

Down here, spray-on sports sunscreen is a smart idea. As it warms up, sunburns are easy to get. Bring hand or paper towels to avoid greasy fingerprints.

Hope that's helpful.

Puckhound said...

Excellent question, kc. Others should do this, too:

Best and worst signer, current and retired?

Mine: Best-Patrice Bergeron
Worst: Curtis Joseph
Oldtimers: Denis Potvin
Worst: Phil Esposito

rhinomark50 said...

Mine, I don't really have any big names since I only hound OHL really.

Best: Taylor Hall
Worst: John Tavares

And since I never hounded the retired crowd except for a few at OHL games I can only chip in the Rick Dudley is a great signer.

Puckhound said...


Hounding is hounding, no matter the barn. Just wait until these kids grow up and make the NHL. You can say you hounded them way back when.

Is Tavares that bad? Is he sick of it already? Dang, wait until he hits the NHL.

rhinomark50 said...

Tavares was always good for one while with Oshawa, though you could tell he would rather not. Now that he is with London you have a better chance of getting Gretzky to sign for you then Tavares it seems like, he might sign for 1 person, and they have a guy who is basically his "bodyguard".

It'll be interesting to see what he is like next year in the NHL/AHL wherever he ends up, I personally think he'll be a 1 per.

bamlinden said...

Well, I'm a little late for the live blog chat. I just wanted to say that I enjoy these (when I stroll by at the right time).

Looking forward to the next one.


Puckhound said...

Rhinomark: Well, if and when he comes to Tampa, we'll promise to be gentle with him.

Sidney Crosby was the same way with Rimouski. He had a handler -- Yannick Dumais -- who always kept him in sight.

Brett: I'll give much more advance notice the next time I do one.

As always, thanks for stopping by.