Thursday, February 5, 2009

A sense of place

Given the quality of the 11 top-shelf entries for Hound Central 4.0's most recent Win this Auto contest for this puck, signed by Hall of Famer and Islanders legend Denis Potvin, this was the most difficult to judge. Entertaining to enduring, each brought smiles to my face.

As expected, there were common themes: parades, eating and drinking and, of course, keeping it warm by taking it to the local barn. It would've been a privilege to attend every one.

To cull the entries, any that mentioned charitable or community events, anything that helped to create or further bonds, moved ahead. Beyond that, purpose became important. So did fun.

In the end, though, it came down to sense of place. Where would 24 hours with Lord Stanley's hallowed cup make the biggest impact? Given Potvin's triumphs on Long Island, this puck belongs to an Islanders fan:

Here's what nyi44, the winner of January's contest, had to say:

"Having the Stanley Cup for a day would be quite a thrill.

"I think I would start the day off eating Cheerios and milk straight from the cup. (Hey, dogs have eaten out of the can I!) Next, I would bring the cup to my classroom for the day. I'm sure my fifth-graders would enjoy seeing it in person, and I could definitely turn the experience into a history lesson regarding the cup's past and origins.

"After school, I would drive home as slow as I ever have; the cup strapped into my passenger seat. I'm sure people would stare, and I would just respond "Yeah, it's the Stanley Cup."

To finish off the day, I would enjoy a beverage or two from the cup and tuck it into bed right next to me. I'm sure my girlfriend wouldn't mind too much .....right?"

Not what you were expecting, eh? I was swayed by the fact that he's a teacher. Fifth-graders, too; not a particularly easy group to engage.

If this puck, a humble replacement for a day with the Stanley Cup, can provide a lesson and help nyi44 create a connection with some, or even one, of his students, then, to me, it's a highlight-reel, tic-tac-toe, Stanley Cup Game 7 overtime winner.

Now, all I need is for nyi44 to provide his address, using the e-mail address on my profile, and we'll get this puck rolling.

Feel free, too, to take part in February's Win this Auto contest for a dozen autographed cards.

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Anonymous said...

Ah phoooey!!!! the Isles got for cups...we aint got any....who would appreciate it most? Anyways, a hearty congrats to the winner...nice story....