Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gallery: Toronto Maple Leafs

Here's something a little different: a hounding gallery from up in Toronto taken during the holiday break.

How can I tell? Well, if memory serves me correctly, that looks like snow in the background of Vesa Toskala photo. Or, at least it looks like snow. We don't get too much of that down here in Hockey Bay.

And I can recognize a few of the Loafs.

A tip of the roughed-up Cooper SK600 to Al, the long-suffering Leafs fan and Toronto correspondent for Hound Central 4.0, for his contributions:

Rookie defenseman Luke Schenn stops to sign before a practice;

Wow! Look at this! Goalie Curtis Joseph deeming someone worthy of his signature. Then again, as Al points out, it was the holidays. I guess Cujo likes Tim Horton's coffee.

A cup of Tim Horton's coffee in hand, forward Alexei Ponikarovsky signs a Leafs jersey; and

I'm not sure what he's signing, but goalie Vesa Toskala supplies an autograph.


Jeescy said...

Toskala seems to be signing the case of his McDonald's mini stick replica...

Puckhound said...

That's what I was thinking, too.

We don't get those down here in warm, sunny Florida.

I suppose that's one of the trade-offs for not having to deal with the snow and cold.