Monday, March 23, 2009

Mondays are my Thursdays

Back in my first tour of duty down here in Hockey Bay, a blurred moment of being in my 20s during the 1980s, I had a sour taste for Mondays.

It wasn't that I was hung over (Drinking in excess is stupid, like asking Columbus' Jared Boll if he wants to fight). It had nothing to do with too many people, all in a hurry at all the same time. Can't tell you what it was. Sorry. I just didn't like Mondays.

It's funny how one's perception evolves over time.

These days, Mondays are one of my favorite days. In my work schedule, Mondays -- the day the rest of the world begins its workweek -- are my Thursdays. One more day to go until my "bonus" weekend, beyond the traditional Saturday-Sunday combination.

Except this week. I'm taking off tomorrow to hound the Blue Jackets.

So, that turns today, my usual workweek Thursday, into, technically, a Friday, the start of a three-day weekend. And, yes, we're going to the Blue Jackets-Lightning game.

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