Monday, December 22, 2008

I can only wonder

It's not that I'm complaining that Colorado's Ryan Smyth signed only one of the two pucks presented to him last Thursday, but I wonder why he picked this one.

Usually, when I approach a player for the first time I carry pucks from most every team that he has ever played for.

In Smyth's case, though, I took a more humble approach -- holding only Colorado and Team Canada pucks.

Though I know he's revered in Canada for his contributions in international play, I was a bit surprised that he didn't sign the Avalanche puck instead.

Then again, and this isn't intended as a shot toward Smyth, maybe he's more proud of his accomplishments wearing that uniform.

Next time, though, I'll make sure I have an Edmonton Oilers puck. I'll be curious to see what puck he'll sign then.

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