Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hockey Quiz No. 5

I know everyone is busy and all, with the holidays fast approaching, but if you're in need of a hockey-related diversion in the weeks ahead, why not test your hockey intelligence on Hound Central 4.0's exclusive Hockey Quiz?

Last month, we had two entrants -- Rob Quick and Drew -- who combined to unlock the mysteries of the monthly quiz. Join them, won't you, in testing your knowledge?

In the interest of accuracy, too, I must admit to botching the initial spelling of one of the Hockey, Scrambled names (it was corrected). I tried a little harder this time.

Hound Central 4.0 is trying something new. Comments with answers won't be posted immediately. Maybe that will encourage more competition.

Name this Logo

I'm glad I don't keep score any more when it comes to this contest. If I did, it would be embarrassing. With all due respect to Rob, I suppose the logo showed just a little too much to make it recognizable.

Let's see if this one is just as easy. This time, though, only this visual clue.

Hockey Word Association

Sean Avery =
Boston Bruins =
Barry Melrose =
Biggest surprise =
Radim Vrbata =

Hockey, Scrambled

Tojkew Islwok =
Lemugilua Setladserne =
Tbert Lecman =
Oint Dymnal =
Vyneeg Hiknutary =

Hockey math

Last season, Larry Looselips was fined $671,454 -- the equivalent of 14 games worth of pay -- for conduct unbecoming humanity and the wonderful game of hockey. How much does Looselips earn a game and what's his annual salary?

A.) $47,954/$3,932,228
B.) $47,959/$3,932,638
C.) $47,968/$3,933,376
D.) $47,961/$3,932,802

Answers to Hockey Quiz No. 4:

Name that logo: Kingston Frontenacs, Ontario Hockey League
Hockey, Scrambled: Patrick Lalime, Valteri Filppula, Steve Eminger, Darren Haydar and Nikolai Zherdev
Hockey math: A. Slash Hookhisman's team paid $10,056.43 to keep the slow-footed defenseman in sticks over the course of a season. Math: 67 x 1.18 x 127.20


Anonymous said...

Name That Logo:
Charlotte Checkers

Hockey Word Association

Sean Avery = Sloppy Seconds
Boston Bruins = I like their jerseys
Barry Melrose = Same ole Barry
Biggest surprise = how bad the lightning actually are
Radim Vrbata = Have fun at home

Hockey, Scrambled

Tojkew Islwok = Wojtec Wolski
Lemugilua Setladserne = Guillaume Latendresse
Tbert Lecman = Brett Maclean
Oint Dymnal = Toni Lydman
Vyneeg Hiknutary = Evgeny Arthukin

D.) $47,961/$3,932,802

Rob's TTM Graphs said...

I dont know the log but heres the rest

Sean Avery = Best media attention the NHL has gotten all season
Boston Bruins = Don Cherry's love for Bobby Orr and the great story about Patrice and Colin
Biggest Surprise = The hometown hero Joshua Bailey making the Islanders as a rookie
Radim Vrbata = Bye and good luck in Europe

1. Wojtek Wolski
2. Guillaume Latendresse
3,Toni Lydman
4. Brett McLean
5. Evgeny Artyukin

Answer (D) $47,961/$3,932,802

rhinomark50 said...

Charlotte Checkers, ECHL

Word Association:
Sean Avery: umm... I wont go there, vogue
Boston Bruins: Legendary
Barry Melrose: ESPN4Life
Biggest Suprise: Boston Bruins
Radim Vrbata: Disgustingly overpaid

Scrambled... once again I can never do these:
Tojkew Islwok = Wojtek Wolski
Lemugilua Setladserne =
Tbert Lecman = McLean
Oint Dymnal = Toni Lydman
Vyneeg Hiknutary = Evgeny Artikhyun

Hockey Math:
D.) $47,961/$3,932,802