Monday, December 1, 2008

Win this auto: Mikko Koivu

If you believe that I only limit my hounding mistakes to getting doubles of cards, let this puck signed by Minnesota's Mikko Koivu stand as Exhibit A that I'm equally adept at getting doubles of pucks.

In fact, Koivu signed this one, as well as another, when Minnesota was in Humidity Bay to play the Tampa Bay Lightning. But, as always, my mistake creates an opportunity for Hound Central 4.0 readers during December's Win this Auto contest.

How do you enter? It's simple.

Tell me, in a 100 words or less by Dec. 31, about your favorite Minnesota hockey story. It can be about the Wild, North Stars, Golden Gophers or high school team. Answers must be left in the form of a comment.

I'll pick a winner in early January and, upon receiving an address, will ship this puck, at my expense, to the lucky reader.


rhinomark50 said...

Not neccessarily about the Wild but Erik Reitz plays for them, so the best I've got. He play'd Jr. B hockey here in Leamington, Ontario and in one game he put a guy through the glass right in front of me. It was pretty intense being quite young at the time, someone being able to put a guy through the glass was unheard of. I wanted his autograph always after that but never got it... too bad.

sarajlim said...

Long, long ago, in a state far, far away lived a young girl named Sara. She was about to leave to see her first hockey game. A 16 hour drive from Amarillo to St. Paul would bring her the ultimate joy of watching a live Wild game. She had even made a sign: "I am Wild for the Wild from Amarillo, Texas!" After the game, her family stayed for a couple days then returned to Amarillo. From that they on, she has been an avid fan of hockey and the Minnesota Wild. Unfortunately, she has never since seen a live game.

Well, that's my story. Not that great. anyway, if I win, email me at

sarajlim said...

your site rocks! hope i win! i never win anything :(

rheighton said...

Well my story draws inspiration from one of your posts from a week or so ago. My dad was the one that first got me into graphing, and when I was 7 he took me to a card show in southwestern Ontario. We were going to see a few ex-North Star players (I was a big fan at the time because they had just had the Stanley Cup run vs. the Pens). We were walking around, waiting for them to announce that the autograph tables were set up, and I turn around and see the Gumper, and I was so excited that I yelled at the top of my lungs "THERE'S GUMMPPPPP!!" 90% of the people at the show turned and looked at me, and I don't know if my dad was ever more embarassed, but the Gumper was really cool about it and shook my hand and chatted with my dad and I!

Drew said...

About 10 months ago, my in laws moved to Minnesota. They tried to get us to move with them, but as of right now, we aren't ready just yet. Back in September, my wife and I made our first trip up to see them since the move and got her dad to go to an NAHL game up there as the NAHL's Minnesota Showcase was going on at the time. He had been to a few of our games back in Texas, the last one featuring a goalie fight at center ice, but rarely did the team win when he was there. This weekend was the exception: the team went 4-0, winning the game he was at 3-2. Wichita Falls' Thomas Erlacher had his third game-winning power play goal of the weekend, being named Showcase MVP with four goals and an assist.

The bad news: Erlacher would only manage 3 more assists in the next 14 games and was later traded to Alaska. The good news: my wife and I are planning on going up again to see the family and attend the week-long hockey bender known as the Minnesota Showcase again in September 2009.

It's a little over 100 words,hopefully that doesn't disqualify me.

brett said...

My favorite Minnesota hockey story is with the wild and takes place earlier this year at the hotel in Tampa. It was my second time getting hockey autographs in Tampa (after ice fest) and I really did not know what to expect. I figured security would be tough and all I really wanted was to get Gaborik and hopefully a few others. The day couldn't have gone any better after getting 124 autographs including 2 Gaborik's. As for the game, it was my first ever shootout in person and the Wild won 1-0. Since I have gotten many more autographs in Tampa!