Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Can Burke help the Buds?

There's nothing like the Toronto Maple Leafs to ignites passion in all hockey fans. For lovers of the Buds, Toronto is the center of the hockey universe. For Leaf haters, such as myself, it's easy to root against the chronic underachievers. And even for the ambivalent, the mere mention of the Leafs elicits more than a shrug of one's shoulders.

Still, though, the Leafs are hoping they took a step toward mediocrity recently when they handed the reins to hockey man Brian Burke. Will he be able to turn around this moribund franchise? Well, that depends upon who is asked.

Nearly 48 percent of Hound Central 4.0 readers taking part in the most recent poll believed that Burke would, indeed, restore order to Loafs Nation. Even those who don't care weighed in, representing nearly 40 percent of the votes.

Here's some telling analysis: Combining the Who cares? with the No votes produces a majority (52.2 percent) that does not want or care if the Loafs have any success. It must stink being a Loafs fan.

Question: Will Brian Burke make a difference in Toronto?

Yes: 11 out of 23 votes cast (47.8 percent)
Who cares? 9 out of 23 votes (39.1 percent)
No: 3 out of 23 votes (13.1 percent)

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