Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Finally, some entries

You know, I thought the opportunity for a puck signed by Minnesota's Mikko Koivu would draw quite a few entries into Hound Central 4.0's Win this auto contest for December. It wasn't until today, though, that we had our first two contestants.

I'm not going to beg, but all it takes is a short story related to Minnesota hockey. Of course, it's better if the tale relates to hockey hounding. Were they just as good in your NHL city as they were in Tampa? If so, that works. Who was good? Who wasn't? Did you get Gabby?

I'm not looking for Chaucier, Hemingway or even P.J. O'Rourke, either. Keep it to 100 words, more or less, please.

By the way, November's winner of the autographed Steven Stamkos Lightning promo card hasn't touched base yet. It looks like I'll have to revisit those entries.

If you're rmillerfan, though, send me an e-mail through my profile.

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