Wednesday, December 3, 2008

He was impressed

When Boston's Patrice Bergeron got a close look Wednesday at our favorite 1/1 card, created by longtime Hound Central 4.0 reader Brett, it was easy to tell he was impressed.

"This card is pretty neat," he said. "It's real nice."

We think it looks even better now, after the Bruins star fulfilled the "Authentic Autograph" tag before checking into the team's hotel.

Thanks again, Brett.


Anonymous said...

You're welcome!

Awesome stuff. Thanks for posting the pic with his signature. It's the first custom card I have created where a player has actually signed it.

Take care.

Puckhound said...

It's a sweet card. I hard a couple positive comments about it at hounding this morning.

Gee, maybe we're getting famous?