Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Update: South Florida hounding

It sounds like more players are making their into onto the ice over at Coral Springs, where members of the Florida Panthers, among others, are tuning up for training camp.

Some of the newer faces include Panthers' prospects Shawn Matthias, Vaclav Nedorost and Tyler Plante.

Also taking part were San Jose's Alexei Semenov and Detroit's Andreas Lilja.

I also hear there are very few hounds attending these sessions.

See the comments for news on Bryan McCabe. Perhaps the change in scenery will melt his often icy attitude.


Anonymous said...

I did't hound today but I did stop into the arena for a glance to see who is in. Macabe is now present. All others are the same and some more prospects are in but did not hang out long enough to figure out who they were.


Puckhound said...

See what I mean about homework? I'll bet he knows who they are the next time he stops by.