Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Entries, please

Though I see that some visitors are checking out the Win this Autograph feature, I've yet to receive any entries for it.

Look, it's a sweet autograph from Tampa Bay's Olaf Kolzig, a top-shelf NHL goalie. I'll happily vouch for its authenticity.

Best of all, it's absolutely free.

Everything autograph has a story behind it. In 100 words or so, tell me your funniest hockey hounding story. It can be a hit or a miss. It can even be on a wrinkled bar napkin. It's that easy.

Body parts, however, earn bonus points.


Grae Desmond said...

The Hurricanes’ Chad Larose is always good for a funny story. During the Skate with the Canes last year I was wearing my LaRose USA Hockey jersey. I'm walking up the stairs hear "Hey!". I turn back to the ice and see Chad skating out with a big thumbs up and then the rock and roll symbol, tongue out, and head banging. Later I come up to his table in the autograph line with my jersey. He goes, “What a sweet jersey. Where’d you get it?" and we talk for a minute while he shows it off to Cam Ward. I tell him how I ordered it when he made the team and he goes "Well now we know there's two of them out there." All the while signing and grinning. He’s always busting his *** and I respect that. Thus it was a no brainer to get the only autographed Chad LaRose USA jersey in town and as he pointed out probably in the country too.

Puckhound said...

Thanks, Grae.

Getting ready for camp?

If yo go, feel free to file a report.

Rob Quick said...

I'm not sure if I can reach one hundred words or not, but I'll just give a really short version before i head to bed. The scene, Detroit Red Wings Alumni game, Leamington, Ontario. The hounding area, not hounding at all, dad knows some guys that play on the team, gets him to sign my program, he one ups it and into the locker room I go. So here I am a 12 (estimation) year old kid, standing in a room with 20 naked men from the ages of 40 some odd to 80 and in the middle of them all, the "holy grail" Lord Stanley's cup... wrinkly old men, the stanley cup and autographs from guys such as Delvecchio, Bergeman, Lefty Wilson, Joe Kluky, Johnny O, etc. A night you can't forget for 3 reasons... haha

bigjeffdog said...

I went to a Sabres playoff game and in the front of the HSBC Arena I spot Larry Playfair. I run over to him and ask him to autograph my program and while he is doing so I tell him I had never been to a Sabres game in which they lost, like i am some type of damn good luck charm ....well needless to say, they lost, so I feel guilt for braggin but did manage to get an autograph...not really funny, but true.