Saturday, September 20, 2008

My best guesses

With the three-ring hockey-hounding circus known as the Pittsburgh Penguins visiting Humidity Bay on Monday, meaning that I've waited as long as I possibly could, I tender for your perusal, digestion and commitment to memory, these predictions for my 2008-09 campaign:

Total autographs: 432 items

Pucks: 165-180, including 20-plus each from Nashville (11.21.08) and Chicago (02.17.09)

Biggest name: Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins, on Colin's Penguins #87 jersey

Roughest signer: Tom Barrasso, Carolina's goalie coach, on a Pittsburgh Penguins 1992 Stanley Cup Champions puck

Given the number of projects I'm undertaking, let me further fulfill my obligations with these prognostications:

10 Big Sigs: The mission will be accomplished

Lots for the Lightning: Everything but all of the pucks for Rick Tocchet and Mike Vernon

Slovakian team jersey's top three: Minnesota's Marian Gaborik (or wherever he ends up), Detroit's Marian Hossa and Tampa Bay's Andrej Meszaros

Team Canada jersey's top three: Boston's Patrice Bergeron, Colorado's Joey Sakic and San Jose's Joey Thornton

Team helmets: Not only will I easily complete the original three, but
helmets from the Canadiens and Devils will join the collection

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