Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fan Pack attack

I was going through some e-mail folders and discovered quite of few from Moody, Hound Central 4.0's roving Southeast correspondent, sharing some successes of his e-mailed fan pack project.

You'll see that responses arrived from far and wide:

Team: Boston Bruins
League: NHL
Items: Bumper stickers, pocket and wallet schedules, and a keychain
Notes: Apparently, the Bruins won't send these packs to Canada

Team: Phoenix Coyotes
League: NHL
Items: Calendar magnet, mascot magnet, pocket schedule, mascot trading card and four temporary tattoos

Team: ERC Ingolstadt
League: Deutsche Eishockey Liga, or DEL
Items:Three autographed team posts, including Bruno St. Jacques and Michael Bakos

Team: Eissportverein Zug, or EVZ
League: Swiss National League A
Items: Signed set of postcards, including former NHLers Josh Holden and Brad Isbister

Team: Sinupret Ice Tigers
League: Deutsche Eishockey Liga, or DEL
Items: Team-signed set, including former NHLers Frederic Cassivi, Cole Jarrett (1 game), Brad Leeb, Greg Leeb, Alain Nasreddine, Andre Savage and Brian Swanson.

Team: HC Lugano
League: Swiss National League A
Items: A full set of autographed 5 x 7 player cards, including John Pohl, Julien Vauclair, Patrick Thoresen, David Aebischer and Timo Helbing

Team: SC Bern
League: Swiss National League A
Items: Autographed players sheets, including, Simon Gamache, Ramzi Abid, Christian Dube, Sebastien Bordeleau and Travis Roche, as well as a team pin

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