Thursday, February 5, 2009

Win this Auto: Dozen cards

It's going to be hard to top last month's offering, a Team Canada puck autographed by Hall of Famer and Islanders legend Denis Potvin, mostly because I've paid more attention to what I've been getting signed.

That's why this month's Win this Auto contest here at Hound Central 4.0 pushes quantity -- as in a dozen autographed cards -- more than quality -- let's be honest, though talented enough to play in the NHL, it's doubtful any will take a place next to Potvin in hockey's hallowed hall.

All things considered, though, there's no reason to scoff at the offering. A dozen autographs is, indeed, a dozen autographs. And, who knows, I might even tuck a couple more into the package.

So, what's the assignment? In 100 words or less, tell me about the best card you've pulled out of a pack. Was it a favorite player? A sweet autographed patch card? Are you in the background? Let me know.

The best tale wins these autographs:

From left: P.J. Axelsson, Brandon Bochenski, Ryan Clowe and John Grahame;

From left: Brent Johnson, Paul Mara, Kelly Miller and Dennis Seidenberg; and

From left: Jon Sim, Brian Sutherby, Chris Thorburn and Aaron Ward.

Entries close 11:59 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 28, 2009.


BCfan12 said...

Hey im new to your sight .Its good.Imet you at a lighting game in the line for Dusin Taktorski auto.My best card was a Matt Ryan Auto from Press Pass.I am a huge BC Fan so it was awesome.It was one of the best days of my life.Plese pick me

bfyler said...

Well this will be very easy and as a Bruins fan you may also appreciate it. When Parkhurst was released I was very excited as there was a large amount of HOF'ers in the product. My wife and I bought 5 packs and my wife went to town. The 1st pack had an Al McInnis auto in it so I was more than happy and anything else was a bonus when my wife said shoot a filler. Knowing there was no fillers I asked to look at it and it was a redemption for a Dual auto Orr/Espo. To say we were happy would not be enough. That to this day remains our best pull.

Rob's TTM Graphs said...

My alltime best pack pull was only a couple months ago. I bought a couple boxes of old H&P off Da Card World. The deal was that you could pick a free gift also. Mine was 6 packs of MVP. I thoght that I was just gonna get base cards. so as I'm opening the second pack the cards are kind of sitcking together. I pull the cards That was stuck and there is a Corey Perry autograph. The coolest part of this is I hand it to my dad to look at and he says to me "Rob its signed on the back too. On the back it was signed by Ryan Getzlaf. That was amazing. What a free gift.

Katrina17 said...

My first story wasn't exactly a "pull out of a pack", but more of a "pull out of a coat". It was December 17th 2008 and the only thing on my mind was the number retirement of Trevor Linden. Though I'm a huge Penguin fan, Trevor Linden is one of my all time favorites. I walked into school as usual. My head was elsewhere though. As I ran up the stairs I noticed one of my teachers standing outside their room eyeing me down making a motion for me to come over. So...I went. He dug into his coat pocket and pulled out a Trevor Linden rookie card in a case in perfect condition. Now maybe a Trevor Linden rookie card isn't worth much to your average joe, but obviously myself being a huge Linden fan I was impressed to even see it. The next thing I know he hands the card to me. My Trevor Linden rookie card in a nice case is currently put up with some of my autographed cards. Anytime I see it it puts a smile on my face.

rhinomark50 said...

My best pull would be thrown in the commons pile by the majority of collectors these days... way back in like 94, 95 at the annual Leamington Tomato Festival, a familiar face was back behind the bar with my dad and his friends. Dad gave some money to go buy some hockey cards, so being the Red Wings fan I am, I bought all the team lots I could for the 20 dollars. I went back and started ripping them open, and this familiar face starts laughing at the auto I pulled out of the one. The familiar face = Darren McCarty, the auto I pulled one of those 1$ Classic Autos of... Darren McCarty. I was shocked that it was him, like someone could of told me before hand.

jeff0120 said...

When I think of my best pull, I think of the frustration experienced prior. Beginning in 2005, I began asking for two boxes of 1997/98 BAP Hockey on my birthdays and Christmas. By the time Christmas of 2008 came around, I had received roughly 12 boxes. These boxes consisted on the likes of Lonny Bohonos, Donald McClean, Roman Otsuka, receiving a minimum of 6 each. 4 boxes were even exact duplicates. Well, flash forward to Christmas 2008, the second to last pack of my Series B box, a Martin Brodeur die-cut prism autographed card, #ed to 100. Persistence paid off.

southweststalker said...

My all time favorite pull came from Target. I was getting some junk at lunch one day and saw they had a box of Allen and Ginter baseball cards. It was just about empty, only one pack left so I bought it. I get to the car and pull it open and pulled a red ink Andre Ethier auto. The odds on this are 1 per case. Thats my all time favorite pull