Sunday, February 8, 2009

Silver works

Normally, I like saving the silver paint pen for pucks, but there are times, like yesterday when Islanders rookie center Josh Bailey came over to sign, when any pen will do on cards.

Though a blue Sharpie was in my hands, I couldn't switch pens quick over as Bailey turned his attention from to cards (shown below) from pucks (shown above). I even slid my Blue Sharpie close to his hand, but he didn't take the bait.

By the way, that's a sweet Windsor Spitfires puck, saluting Windsor Arena, or, as it's known, the Barn, the team's home from 1924 to 2008.

Small price, I'd say, for getting four autographs, rather than two.

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Rob's TTM Graphs said...

Josh was a great kid when he played in Windsor. One of the nicest players on the team, but he would never change markers. Did he say anything about the Spits puck? Its nice to see his auto stay pretty much the same.