Thursday, February 12, 2009

Good as gold

If there is a constant within hounding, it has to be that NHL players love seeing kids with hand-drawn items, like Colin's team sheet for the Toronto Maple Leafs. How can we tell? Nearly every one of the 19 Leafs -- including Nikolai Antropov, Jason Blake, Pavel Kubina and Luke Schenn -- who signed complimented Colin on his artistic efforts.

It's like I say, I don't know who has more fun -- Colin or the players.


bamlinden said...

Hey - Luke Schenn's auto look somewhat passable on that team sheet.

Nice stuff!!


Puckhound said...

Yeah, maybe his second-grade teacher called him after morning skate to remind him to work on his penmanship. ;o)

But, you're absolutely correct.

Maybe I'll get a nice one like that in March on the Kelowna Rockets puck that's making its way to Hockey Bay.

bfyler said...

nice to see he stepped up on Colin's sheet. Props for that at least.