Friday, November 14, 2008

Sorry, Mickey, not me

More than anything else, it was pure curiosity that got me to visit eBay for the first time in months earlier this morning.

Yesterday afternoon, before Detroit's 4-3 victory over Tampa Bay, one of the team's TV color guys, former NHLer Mickey Redmond, was kind enough to sign a Red Wings puck for me.

But first, he asked: "This isn't going to end up on eBay, is it?"

After informing him that none of the other 1,657 other pucks we've collected have made their way to the online auction site, I wondered what kind of demand there was for items signed by Redmond.

All I can say after my research is there is very little interest in pucks signed by Redmond. Though three were available among the 11 ongoing auctions, a look at completed auctions of Redmond-signed pucks showed no sales (with prices ranging from $15-$25) of such items.

While it's easy to understand the motivation for his question, given that during his playing days he earned dimes compared with today's dollars, it gets a bit frustrating when players -- past and present -- view every person over the age of 12 as an autograph dealer.

I guess that's why I've spent the past four seasons blogging.

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