Saturday, November 1, 2008

Win this auto: Steven Stamkos

Okay, here he is. The No. 1 overall pick at the 2008 NHL draft. Even better, he just scored his first two goals of his career against the Buffalo Sabres, erasing most questions on whether he could play in the NHL.

Who am I writing about? It's none other than Tampa Bay's Steven Stamkos and you could win this autograph, picked up at one of the team's weekly radio shows.

I'll even make the assignment easy. Given that top draft picks become instant millionaires through contracts, performance incentives, signing bonuses and hockey product endorsements, tell me, in 100 words or less, what you would do with your first million.

Would you buy a car? If so, what kind? How about a new house for your folks? Or a summer cottage on Prince Edward Island?

Have fun with this one.


Anonymous said...

First of all, I'd pay off all my debts. I have a few student loans, and some credit cards that I'd get knocked away quickly, without putting too much of a dent in my million.

After getting squared away it that manner, I'd make a down payment on a nice house, and invest enough to cover the mortgage. Lame, I know - but I am tired of living in an apartment.

I'd give myself $1000 to just spend. I have pretty simple tastes, and that would keep me happy for a while. After everything else was taken care of, I'd like to get tickets to some events for the 2010 Olympics.

Rob's TTM Graphs said...

If I was to become and instant millionaire I would first pay off my parents house, pay for my siblings education, and then purchase a Cadillac CTS-V which I would use to drive up to fans and sign autographs in after games for fans.

evillittlejawa said...

Hey puckhound, just discovered your blog, very very cool. Hopefuly I did this right, heres my entry...

First things first, if drafted by Detroit, quit hockey and stay poor. If NOT drafted by Detroit, build a mini hockey rink in my house complete with Avalanche logo at center ice and puck firing robot. If anything is left over... well actually that probably is way over a million. Maybe leave out the robot. But the mini rink is a must. Complete with a locker room featuring murals of Patrick Roy, Peter Budaj, and Marc Denis. A mini arcade and vending machines. Maybe somewhere in there I could take my parents to lunch or something too. :)

Chris said...

The first thing that I would do is buy the house for Mom because with out her I would not have been able to make the 5:00 am practice in some small town out side of the city for ice time. Second in the nice house if a big media room for playing video games. The last thing would have to be the Hummer for the drive way with kicking sound system and TV in the wheel so I can catch my highlights on the way to the game. I forgot one thing that is to pay off my agent because of the sweet deal he got me and the NO TRADE to the LEAFS clauses ( sucking since 67 and build to stay that way)

Drew said...

First up, the debts have to go. Student loans suck..

Next would be a car. Something not too over the top (no Hummers, Lamborghinis, or Escalades), and just two of them, one for me, one for the wife.

Third, a house. Nothing too big, but it does need a nice basement to display all my autos and such. If it could be anywhere, probably near Boston, though that would be a bit expensive. Maybe Minnesota.

Then it depends on whether I have more money coming in or not. If it's just that million and nothing more, probably invest it for retirement, though with the way the markets have been, I think I'd rather just shove it under my mattress. If I have more coming, I'd blow a good chunk of it on me.

Anonymous said...

I would pay off my house and whatever other small debts I have, buy Sabres season tickets. New computer, new vehicle...possibly the Tesla Roadster, an all electric car that can go 0-60 in 4 seconds and bank the rest and live off the interest. I might possibly go back to school and get my Bachelors even though I have a pretty sweet job with a great retirement (can't beat government jobs). I would donate to my favorite charites in amounts larger than usual. No I am not talkin the talk, I walk it too....just 5-20 bucks at a time. Oh, and I would love to go to DC too. I dig history.

bfyler said...

With a million bucks I would pay off all my debts and the debts of my parents and make sure they live out retirement comfortably. Make sure my sister and nephew had a place to live that is safe and sound. Give a donation to the breast Cancer society as my Mom is a survivor and start my life off debt free. There by allowing me more time with my wife and 2 Boys. Sounds like fun!!!

Anonymous said...

A lot of the same applies to me. I would most definetly get myself out of debt and then set up my to mini hounds future. I would love to ensure that they do not have to go through the school of hard knocks but would not want to coddle them to much at the same time.
Any way you would look at it a million would not set you up for life but it would set you up to have a life. I probably would not quit my job because it isn't that bad of one and there is a pretty good living in it. So with the combination of the money and the job I would hope that I could have a good balance until the day I decide it would be a good time to retire to Florida like all the other old farts.

Oh yeah! did I mention I would buy something nice for Mr. Puckhound.

It's Me Again

Rmillerfan said...

I would spend my money by taking vacation to Colorado to see my cousin that i rarely every see and watch a live game of the Avs (my favorite team, Next I would buy a better home, Living with 6 people and one bathroom doesn't work and whatever I had left I would donate to a local rink so other kids can get the proper gear to wear when they first start out.

Jospeh Arvesen said...

well i would first buy a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren this is the nicest car i have ever scene. then i would take a long trip over to sweden because that is tge place i want to visit the most and the rest i would donate to my 2 favorite charities breast cancer research foundation and the boys and girls club of america because im only a rookie im gunna be making multimillion dollars soon so i wouldnt need the million after a while.