Monday, November 3, 2008

We have a winner

Congratulations to Mark Orphan, a hockey hound and Bruins fan from London, Ontario, for winning Hound Central 4.0's latest Win this Autograph contest -- this card signed by Bruins goalie Tim Thomas.

Though the October contest was close, an entry detailing a Sabres' sweep of the Bruins made a very strong run, Mark scored extra points for focusing on one of our favorite all-time Bruins: Joey Thornton.

Here's what Mark shared:

I am trying very hard to enter the contest as i am a HUGE Bruins Fan. My best hockey story was when Joe Thornton was about 17.

I went to the old Ice House in London to get him. He came out ( I was the only guy there before the game) and signed all I had and then he asked me who on his team that I needed. He was so nice about signing and I have gotten him since and he is just as nice.

Last year I took my daughter to San Jose and his parents got us down under to meet the players and Joe focused completely on my daughter first before even talking to his parents!

Good stuff, eh?

On a side note, I'm pleased to see that November's contest, featuring Tampa Bay's Steven Stamkos, is drawing considerable interest. Five entries is a strong start, but I'm hoping for plenty more to choose from.

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