Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh, the indifference

Though the New York Rangers and their fast start might make them the talk of the Big Apple, those taking part in Hound Central 4.0's latest poll show little confidence that the Blueshirts have what it takes to be considered a legitimate contender.

Fifty percent of the 32 taking part believed that the Rangers are not for real. Another 12 voters didn't care what the team did. Combined, a stunning 87.5 percent of participants don't have much faith in the Rangers.

Another telling indictment: Only four true-blue Rangers fans wore their hearts on the voting sleeves.

As of today, the Rangers have posted the most points (28) in the Eastern Conference, trailing only the San Jose Sharks (31) for the NHL lead. Still, though, the Rangers have played a few more games than some of their closest competitors -- Boston, Pittsburgh and Washington.

There's only one way to find out, in fact, whether the Rangers are for real. We'll have to wait until April for that answer.

Question: Are the New York Rangers for real?

No: 16 votes out of 32 cast (50 percent)
Don't care: 12 votes out of 32 (37.5 percent)
Yes: 4 votes out of 32 (12.5 percent)

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