Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hockey Quiz No. 4

It's was good to see longtime Hound Central 4.0 reader Brett make a return visit to our little monthly assortment of brain-teasers, thought-provokers and mathematical gymnastics. To his credit, he picked up right where he left off -- the first to successfully navigate the labyrinth of hockey knowledge.

He was the first of only two people to enter, though. Surely, these quizzes can't be that hard, are they?

Half of my mission is to inform, educate and promote the sport. C'mon, learning takes a little effort. I've done my part, putting these together. It'll take you less than an intermission to finish.

Name this Logo

Well, I'm thinking last month's logo, which featured a popular Russian club, proved a bit too easy. That's what I get for trying to slip one past.

I imagine this month's contestant, this striking artistic representation, might prove familiar to North American hockey fans. It looks like a face, but no one I've ever seen.

Hockey Word Association:

Winter Classic =
Nicklas Lidstrom =
San Jose Sharks =
Barry Melrose =
Shoulder-to-head hits =

Hockey, scrambled

Krcatip Mealli =
Revlarti Plaflupi =
Vetes Grimene =
Rendra Dyhara =
Lokanii Rhezved (Correct, now. Sorry) =

Hockey math

Slow-footed defenseman Slash Hookhisman broke an average of 1.18 sticks, costing $127.20 a pop, over the course of his 67 games played. How much did his team pay for his sticks?

A.) $10,056.43
B.) $10,054.91
C.) $10,057.06
D.) $10,055.28

Answers to Hockey Quiz No. 3:

Name that Logo: HC Spartak Moscow of the Kontinental Hockey League
Hockey, scrambled: Patrice Bergeron, Frantisek Kaberle, Doug Weight, Brent Burns and Mathieu Schneider
Hockey math: C. Wally Wristshot had a 9.1 shooting percentage and averaged 1.13 points per game


Rob Quick said...

Logo: Kingston Frontenacs
Word Association:
Winter Classic = Cold, Over-done
Nicklas Lidstrom = Best Current D-Man
San Jose Sharks = chokers
Barry Melrose = Mullet, the man that will ruin Stamkos
Shoulder-to-head hits = dangerous, should be looked at

I'm not smart enough for that

A) 10,056.43 (67x1.18x127.20)

Drew said...

Well if Rob won't try the scramblers, I will!

Krcatip Mealli = Patrick Lalime
Revlarti Plaflupi = Valteri Filppula
Vetes Grimene = Steve Eminger
Rendra Dyhara = Darren Haydar
Lokanii Rhozden = Nikolai... I have no idea on the last name! 9 for 10 ain't bad.