Monday, March 9, 2009

That's my boy

Sure, it might have happened in practice and a goalie was absent, but Hound Central 4.0 won't let irrelevant facts like those dampen a young hockey player's joy from scoring a goal yesterday.

Thanks to his Momma's handiness with a camera, here are a few pictures of the Goofy Dude, decked out in his full Boston Bruins regalia, playing (above) and looking the part during on-ice drills.

And, yes, that's his new Patrice Bergeron jersey.


bamlinden said...


Way to go Colin. Have fun.


Paula said...

Hi Colin (and Ron & Lisa). This is my first blogger comment ever! But I just had to after seeing Colin's form on skates! Wow you're really really good! I am impressed. I heard that the Bruins were sending a scout to your area, I wouldn't be surprised if they were coming to Florida just to see Colin skate! Keep up the hard work and have fun doing it! Go Bruins!

Anonymous said...

Go Colin, Go Colin!!!

Drew said...

Awesome, first goals are always a highlight for anyone. Even those who don't score one in a game until they're 24 (like me).

Phyllis said...

Colin RULES!!!