Monday, March 2, 2009

Win this Auto: Eddie Olczyk

You've watched him play in the NHL. You've seen him star in commercials for the NHL Network. He's a frequent face and voice on hockey television and radio shows.

He's none other than Eddie Olczyk, and this is your opportunity to add to your autograph collection.

In Hound Central 4.0's Win this Autograph contest for March, all you need to do is tell me, in 100 words or less, your favorite Chicago Blackhawks memory.

Need some ideas? It can be a win or a loss. A shutout by Tony O or Darren Pang. A hat trick by Bobby Hull or Stan Mikita. Babysitting Patrick Kane or Jonathan Toews.

Keith Magnuson -- God bless his soul -- scores bonus points.

Okay, folks, how about some entries? Submit them in the form of a comment. The contest closes at 11:59:59 p.m. on Tuesday, March 31.

Check back in a few days, too, for the winner of February's contest for a dozen autographed cards.


southweststalker said...

my favorite Hawks moment was last season. We were at the all star game in Atlanta, and ran into Patrick Kane. In the process off getting him to sign for us, he asked where we were from. We told him DC and proceeded to get a million questions about Alex Ovechkin. He didnt wanna talk about anything with himself, just any bit of Ovechkin he could get. He said he was really excited to meet him, which was an understatement. Was one of the weirdest encounters ive ever had with an athlete

Dave said...

I was visiting Chicago in 1992 and had never seen a game at Chicago Stadium. I bought a restricted view ticket from a scalper. Walked down my row and saw a huge concrete pillar getting closer but luckily my seat number happened to be right beside the obstruction. Still had a view of the ice. The gentleman who sold me the ticket came down the row asking me, “Is that the ticket I sold you?” I gladly showed him my ticket. “Ah f**k!” he exclaimed realizing he would be straddling a 2 foot wide pillar the entire game. Good times.

Christheleafsfan said...

My favourite chicago blackhawks moment was watching two of my hometown heroes - David Bolland and Patrick Kane getting drafted by the Chicago Blackhawks. I've grown up my entire life watching the London Knights Ontario Hockey League team and every year we get new players, but none like Patrick Kane and David Bolland. Two amazing players and people, I've met them both a couple times. Once when we met David Bolland he let my friend touch his team Canada Gold Medal that he had with him. Patrick Kane was at a Knights Alumni game last summer and it was great to see him back on London ice, and he was so excited that he was doing tricks and putting on a show for the crowd. After the game he had a few words to say before he had to run off because he wanted to go see his family in Buffalo before he had to leave back to Chicago for training camp.

rhinomark50 said...

Jonathan Toews single handedly beating the USA at the World Juniors in the shoot-out. Any Canadian who was not estatic at this moment, just isn't Canadian. And any Blackhawks fan who wasn't going... "He hath blessed us"... is crazy. Not exactly a Blackhawks memory, but the closest I've got too it.

dylantheleafsfan said...

I have many great memories with Pat Kane and Dave Bolland, the 2 Hawks alumni that I was lucky enough to see play in London, where I live! I went to my first Knights game, where I got to see both of them play together, it was such an awesome experience to see two such awesome players in my first ever Knights game! After the game I was lucky enough to see Pat and Dave outside the JLC, and they both said Hi and shook my hand, it was such a great experience, and one of my best childhood hockey memories! Seeing two of my hockey heroes was so special for me as a little boy!