Thursday, March 5, 2009

True appreciation

Sometimes, the best card a collector ever gets doesn't come out of a pack. Behold the magic of how a single piece of cardboard not only made someone's day, but created a lasting hockey memory:

"It was December 17th 2008 and the only thing on my mind was the number retirement of Trevor Linden. Though I'm a huge Penguin fan, Trevor Linden is one of my all time favorites. I walked into school as usual. My head was elsewhere though.

"As I ran up the stairs I noticed one of my teachers standing outside their room eyeing me down making a motion for me to come over. So ... I went. He dug into his coat pocket and pulled out a Trevor Linden rookie card in a case in perfect condition.

"Now maybe a Trevor Linden rookie card isn't worth much to your average Joe, but obviously myself being a huge Linden fan I was impressed to even see it. The next thing I know he hands the card to me.

"My Trevor Linden rookie card in a nice case is currently put up with some of my autographed cards. Anytime I see it it puts a smile on my face."

I hope it goes without explaining why Katrina17's story won February's Win this Autograph contest for the dozen signed cards shown above. While other entrants are rightfully proud of some sweet cards, it's hard to assign any monetary value to a card that means so much to a person.

Now, all I need is for Katrina17 to provide an address, using the e-mail address on my profile, and we'll get these cards ready for the mail.

Don't forget to check out March's Win this Auto contest: former NHL player and coach Eddie Olczyk.

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