Friday, April 3, 2009

Brodeur is better, but ...

More than anything else, recent history most likely played a role in Hound Central 4.0's latest poll -- asking who was a better goalie, New Jersey's Martin Brodeur or Hall of Famer Patrick Roy.

Given that Brodeur eclipsed Roy's career wins mark (551) just a few weeks ago, it's easy to understand by readers overwhelmingly gave the nod to Brodeur. Thirty-eight of the 63 votes cast indicated that Brodeur was, indeed, a better goalie than Roy.

Even though I'm a Roy fan, having cast my vote for the former Canadiens and Avalanche goalie, the objective fan in me has to agree with the majority. Beyond the career wins mark and an impending record for career shutouts, Brodeur is the better goalie of the duo.

Having said that, though, Roy has made a greater impact on the sport and the position. Any goalie using the butterfly style will attest to that.

Question: Who's better?

Martin Brodeur: 38 out of 63 votes cast (60.3 percent)
Patrick Roy: 25 out of 63 votes (39.7 percent)

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