Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hockey Quiz No. 9

Well, at least I know that Hound Central 4.0's Hockey Quizzes have at least two faithful and entirely correct readers -- Drew, an old Beantown hounding buddy, and longtime reader Brett. So, for them, I present the latest installment in this feature.

Join them, won't you, in testing your hockey knowledge. Your answers, should you choose, can be left in a comment.

Name this logo

If you ask me, this should be fairly recognizable. Remember, too, that spelling counts. Official team name and league, please.

Hockey Word Association

Jacques Lemaire =
John Tavares =
Steve Mason =
Victor Hedman =
Puckhound =

Hockey, Scrambled

Nket Nushkis =
Yton Soposite =
Strikani Shilusue =
Anst Katimi =
Alnide Locralic =

Hockey math

I know that not everyone enjoys math. So, we'll make this one easy. How's that?

In the first round of the NHL playoffs, there were 18 periods, 33 minutes and 17 seconds of sudden-death play. How many seconds of overtime was played? Show the math, too.

A.) 23,487 seconds
B.) 23,597 seconds
C.) 23,517 seconds
D.) 24,017 seconds

Answers to Hockey Quiz No. 8:

Name this logo: Lake Erie Monsters of the American Hockey League
Hockey, Scrambled: Kyle McLaren, Martins Karsums, Andy Wozniewski, Matthew Lombardi and James Wisniewski
Hockey math: D. The Metropolis MoneyBags saved $6.425 million with their salary dump. Math: $2.175 million + $3.75 million + $1.375 million minus $875,000.


Anonymous said...

LOGO- Greenville Grrrowl

Jacques Lemaire = great coach
John Tavares = Another Phenom
Steve Mason = challange the wings
Victor Hedman = European Phenom
Puckhound = Goofy Dudes

Nket Nushkis = Kent Huskins
Yton Soposite = Tony Esposito
Strikani Shilusue = Kristian Huselius
Anst Katimi = Stan Makita
Alnide Locralic = Daniel Carcillo

18 periods with 20 minutes each=
360 minutes = 21600 secs
33 minutes = 1980 secs

21600+1980+17 = (B) 23597


bamlinden said...

Well, better late than never. Here goes:

Name that logo:

Greenville Grrrowl (that's 3 R's)

Word Association:

Jacques Lemaire = needs a fresh start (to his coaching style)
John Tavares = Leaf bound
Steve Mason = let's see what he does next year (after getting pummled by Detroit)
Victor Hedman = a solid d-man...that's it
Puckhound = what a hobby is all about (fun, family, friends - FANTASTIC!)

Hockey Scrambled:
Kent Huskins
Tony Esposito
Kristian Huselius
Stan Mikita
Daniel Carcillo

Hockey Math:


18 periods = 360 minutes
360 + 33 = 393 minutes
393 minutes = 23,580 secs
23,580 + 17 = 23,597

B) 23,597

Ta and da