Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Now, this is funny

Congratulations to Grae Desmond, a Carolina Hurricanes fan, for winning Hound Central 4.0's inaugural Win this Autograph contest, meaning he's awarded this card signed by Tampa Bay goalie Olaf Kolzig, for his hilarious head-banging tale of scoring an autograph from Carolina's Chad Larose.

Here's Grae's winning entry:

The Hurricanes’ Chad Larose is always good for a funny story. During the Skate with the Canes last year I was wearing my LaRose USA Hockey jersey. I'm walking up the stairs hear "Hey!". I turn back to the ice and see Chad skating out with a big thumbs up and then the rock and roll symbol, tongue out, and head banging.

Later I come up to his table in the autograph line with my jersey. He goes, “What a sweet jersey. Where’d you get it?" and we talk for a minute while he shows it off to Cam Ward.

I tell him how I ordered it when he made the team and he goes "Well now we know there's two of them out there." All the while signing and grinning.

He’s always busting his *** and I respect that. Thus it was a no brainer to get the only autographed Chad LaRose USA jersey in town and as he pointed out probably in the country too.

Good stuff, eh?

Now, if Grae will provide a mailing address in an e-mail, found on my profile, I'll get that Kolzig card out in the mail.

Next up: Boston's Tim Thomas.

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