Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Win this auto: Tim Thomas

Living in New England, as I did in the first six years of this century, put me in the enviable position of hounding one of the NHL's Original Six teams -- the Boston Bruins.

Along the way, such Bruin notables as Cam Neely, Ray Bourque, Joe Thornton, Patrice Bergeron and Gerry Cheevers have all signed items for us.

Of all the Bruins -- past and present -- who've signed, and I'd dare say that number is nearing 100, goalie Tim Thomas has been among the nicest and most pleasant players.

Now, you have a chance to add the affable Thomas to your autograph collection. To win this card, tell me, in 100 words or so, your favorite Boston Bruins memory.

It can be about a specific game -- win or lose -- or a chance meeting with a player. You'll get extra credit, too, if it involves getting an autograph. Just have fun with it. Leave your entries in a message and I'll pick a winner in early November.

It's that simple.


Grae Desmond said...

Last year I was at Camp Brind'Amour, Brindy's informal pre training camp warmup. Every year Aaron Ward participates and I went out to get his autograph on my Stanley Cup team poster and cup puck. While there I was chatting with another hound and he had a picture of Aaron in a Lamborghini painted with the bruins logo. Aaron takes a look and says you guys like the car, you should've seen the girl driving. Then we talked about Rangers and he had some "choice" words about Jagr, lets just say they were less than friends.

Ward's a good guy and I wish the Canes could've gotten him back over the offseason. The bruins are lucky to have him.

Anonymous said...

April 24th, 1993. I am on a trip to Cape Cod for a Home Security Trade show for my employer at the time, Terra Publishing. Luckily for me we are close enough to Boston for me to watch Game 4 of the Adams Division Semi finals. Pat Lafontaine, from his butt, gets the puck to Brad May who somehow puts it between Ray Bourques legs and goes in all alone on Andy Moog and scores the series clinching goal. I was all alone in that room but I had to be the happiest guy in all of Massachusetts at the time. Nothing sweeter than a four game sweep of the Bruins...hands down my best Boston and Buffalo memory.

southweststalker said...

My favorite moment was meeting Ray Bourque at the Capitals post draft party in Raleigh the year the Caps drafted his son. We were not allowed to get auto's that night per the caps request, but we got to meet Ray and Chris. Ive never seen a man so proud in my life. He told everyone how proud he was of Chris, and how hard he had worked. Later saw him talking with Mike Green who had also just been drafted. It was awesome to see such a legend in a relaxed atmosphere.