Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hockey Quiz No. 10

If it weren't for a handful of regular readers -- such as Brett, Drew and Moody -- I'd wonder whether these monthly installments are a productive use of my time. Geez, I don't believe they're that dofficult, given the amount of hockey intelligence that visits Hound Central 4.0.

So, to reward loyal readers, here are the latest mind-bending hockey exercises:

Name this logo

One might have to step back in time to recall this logo. Then again, maybe you won't. We'll see, won't we? Team and league, please.

Hockey Word Association

San Jose Sharks =
Vinny Lecavalier =
NHL playoffs =
Knee-to-knee hits =
Ruslan Fedotenko =

Hockey, scrambled

Masto Shrommolt =
Akiloni Bakbihunil =
Royce Rypre =
Noehas Norsimorn =
Nisden Geedsibren =

Hockey math

Puckhound, a Florida-based hockey hound, collected 330 pucks during the 2008-09 campaign. Sadly, he had only 278 cases at season's end. How much will Puckhound spend, at 55 cents a case plus $27.69 in shipping and taxes, to have a case for each autographed puck? As always, show the math.

A.) $56.59
B.) $55.89
C.) $56.29
D.) $56.09

Answers to Hockey Quiz No. 9:

Name this logo: Greenville Grrrowl of the East Coast Hockey League
Hockey, scrambled: Kent Huskins, Tony Esposito, Kristian Huselius, Stan Mikita and Daniel Carcillo
Hockey math: B. There would be 23,597 seconds of overtime. Math: 21,600 seconds (18 20-minute periods) + 1,980 seconds (33 minutes) + 17 seconds = 23,597.

1 comment:

Drew said...

Logo: New York Raiders of the WHA

Word Association
San Jose Sharks: Perennial chokers
Vinny Lecavalier: will not be traded for Brisebois and a 6th rounder no matter how much Montreal fans say it will happen
NHL Playoffs: going great until Detroit won
Knee-to-knee hits: most dangerous hit in the game, moreso than shoulder-to-head as those can at least be prevented by the "hittee"
Ruslan Fedotenko: The anti-Shark (see my first word association)

Tomas Holmstrom
Nikolai Khabibulin
Corey Perry
Shaone Morrisonn
Dennis Seidenberg

C, $56.29 (only 55 cents? Once I get the rest of my pucks sent up from my mom, I'll need to get myself some of those!)