Monday, May 11, 2009

Win this Auto: Colin 37

Given that Colin scored 10 goals in one-on-one drills during his Mini Mites practice yesterday, it's a reasonable expectation that this official NHL practice puck, signed by the youngest of Hockey Bay's Goofiest Dudes, will will one day become the Holy Hockey Grail for collectors.

Then again, it just might end up becoming a paperweight, a dust magnet or lost under some shelving in your garage after a pickup game.

Either way, it caps Hound Central 4.0's Win this Auto contest.

So, what are we looking for this time? How about, in 100 words or less (I mean it this time), share your favorite youth hockey moment.

Please, leave your answers in a comment. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Kinda busy up here today, but I want to win that puck.

My favorite youth hockey moment came when I was about Colin's age. We had this big goalie who came out to help us. It was always a big thrill to score on him, even in practice. I think I got five goals one time, but never 10. That must have been great.


Anonymous said...

Well, if Petey wants that puck, he'll have to earn it.

My favorite youth hockey story involves me and my Dad.

When I told him I wanted to play goalie, he went out and found all the equipment I needed. Gloves, pads and a couple of masks, including one he painted red.

None of it matched, but it didn't matter. He went out and got it for me.

Even better, we'd play hockey -- Dad as the shooter and me as the goalie -- out back behind the house.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I hear you scored a couple goals during your games yesterday. Congrats, buddy.

My favorite youth hockey story came during my first travel team. We had a coach who didn't believe I was good enough to play in the league. I don't know what ever happened to him.


Joey said...

I was taking hockey skating lessons from a a really really strict coach. If we didn't do things right he would knock us down and make us do it again. At the end of the first group of sessions, we either passed or failed. At the end of the testing we were all handed a paper that said if we passed or not. I turned mine over really slow, and jumped in the air and skated over to my parents in the bleachers with my passing paper high in the air. I was one of three kids that passed.