Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reasons to believe

Every so often, in my hockey-hounding travels, I stumble upon a piece of hockey memorabilia that appears to have seen some game action in the National Hockey League. In this case, it's a right-handed goalie catching glove from Daren Puppa, who played for the Buffalo Sabres, Toronto Maple Leafs and the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Though it didn't come with any certificate of authenticity (which, really, is worth only the paper it's printed upon, no matter the dealer), the personalization on the cuff certainly adds a touch of credibility.

Further evidence, I believe, is that a quick image search at google.com yielded photographs of him wearing a glove like this.

The only way to be certain, I suppose, is to ask Puppa if it is, indeed, one of his game-used gloves. Someday, our paths will cross. Hopefully, he'll sign it. I'll ask him then.

My two favorite things about the glove: The eyes atop The Hook and the fact that it cost less than $25.

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