Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm sticking with paint pens

When silver Sharpies first came on the market a few years ago, hockey hounds rejoiced at the thought of never again having to use messy paint pens. The distinctive silver ink would flow freely on pucks, photos and other dark-colored objects.

For a variety of reasons -- inconsistent quality, chief among them -- my love affair with silver Sharpies lasted less than a month. Besides being unreliable, I found the markers to be affected by heat, cold and humidity.

In short, I couldn't trust the marker to provide a quality autograph.

It seems, too, that a majority of Hound Central 4.0 readers agree, as 25 of the 40 votes cast indicated a desire to chuck, rather than adore, silver Sharpies.

It's a shame, too. The blue Sharpies work so well, that they're synonymous with our hobby. But until Sharpie can solve the problems with consistency and quality, it's my guess, too, that hounds, like myself, will continue using their paint pens.

Question: Silver Sharpies?

Toss 'em: 25 out of 40 votes cast (62.5 percent)
Love 'em: 15 out of 40 votes (32.5 percent)

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