Sunday, January 25, 2009

Time's running out

With only one week left in the month, I'm hoping for a more entries into Hound Central 4.0 Win this Auto contest for January, featuring Hall of Famer and Islanders legend Denis Potvin.

Tell me, in 100 words or less, what you'd do with your day with Lord Stanley's Cup.

We've got five solid entries so far. I'd like to think that Potvin is certainly worthy of a few more entries.

Now, if you need to get your creative juices flowing, take the latest Hound Central 4.0's Hockey Quiz.


Anonymous said...

This is all pretend of course and it may truly be a pipe dream but if I were an NHL player that got my chance to sip from the cup and then was honored enough to get a day with said prize here is what I would do.
Of course there would be the same old Family and friends party followed by a charitable event but then I would do something no other player has done.....
What is it you say. I would take it back to my team stadium and give a chance for the hounds who have supported me the whole season to enjoy it. The real hounds like Colin and Puckhound, Fisher and a few others. The ones that ask day after day for an autograph and present something new each time, not the same photo that ends up on ebay after each request. Let them have a chance with the prize that they followed the whole season.

At the end of it all I would eat fruity pebbles out of it with my kids. While the little one blows bubbles in the funny colored milk before they pry it out of my hands and drive down the road.

Pipe dream over and reality sets in. Greetings from Atlanta where the only cup they will be drinking from is a paper cup with homeaid brew in it.


kc said...

If I had the Cup for a day, I would bring to my hometown for my friends, family and community to celebrate along with me. There would be a show of the Cup where people could get see it and get pictures with it, at no cost. They would have to donate to a local cause. I would then parade it around town on the back of a truck so everyone could see Lord Stanley's Cup. There would be a lunch for an elderly home so the long time fans could share in the party. Two things to end the day, I would strap it in boat and water ski with it. And a barn party, again no cost to the people, just donations. People can sit around, dance, eat, talk and have a fire into the morning. That's what Mike Babcock did with the Cup, last year when Mike had the Cup in Saskatoon. I just happened to follow the party! True Story!