Saturday, January 17, 2009

Really, was there any doubt?

When it comes to scoring goals, there's no one more prolific than Washington's Alex Ovechkin. The man is no stranger to red lights. Any shift, any game, can become a highlight. One-timers. Triple dekes. Showing off in skills competition.

At least that's what Hound Central 4.0's readers believe in the latest poll, which asked what NHL sniper would be the first to hit 50 goals. In a landslide, it was Ovechkin, picking up 20 of the 34 votes cast.

How convinced are readers? Ovechkin's numbers topped the combined votes of the other three choices -- Philadelphia's Jeff Carter, Boston's Phil Kessel and Buffalo's Thomas Vanek.

Barring injury, I wouldn't be surprised to see Ovechkin get 60 goals. I believe he's just getting warmed up.

Question: First to 50 goals?

Washington's Alexander Ovechkin: 20 out of 34 votes cast (58.8 percent)
Philadelphia's Jeff Carter: 8 out of 34 votes (23.5 percent)
Boston's Phil Kessel: 3 out of 34 votes (8.8 percent)
Buffalo's Thomas Vanek: 3 out of 34 votes (8.8 percent)

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